The Shape of Things, showcases the work of three artists working in the Reductive field.
Brent Hallard, Louise Blyton and Louise Tuckwell all have an international based practice and reputation and it’s a pleasure to welcome them to the gallery.
All three artists work with very simple shapes. Colour takes on a dynamic role in each of the work while still attending to personal preferences. Colour and shape together conjure different spatial dynamics and play with the way we see and interpret the concrete world we live in – that which we call factual space.

Brent Hallard is an Australian – born artist and co organiser of The Shape of Things. His work is deeply rooted in the fundamentals of art history, especially building on the tendencies of abstraction, minimalism and the colour field theories. Working with themes of space and geometry, he manipulates images and challenges the viewer’s perception.

Louise Blyton is a reductive artist exploring the romance of raw linen and dry pigment. Her work is often in the form of shaped canvasses. Experimenting with colour, light and form, she explores the fragility of beauty. The structure of Blyton’s work appears strong and bold, yet it is fragile and reveals evidence of the hand and thus invites a quiet meditation between viewer and work.

Louise Tuckwell explores the idea of limitless combinations of colour, pattern, shape and texture. Tuckwel’s work searches for a system of balance and harmony. Contrastive diagonals, obtuse colour juxtapositions and subtle shifts in perspective reveal a bold and playfully abstract language.