Conveying Whole Lives

This may not be the most PC opinion, but I’d really appreciate it if conveyancers also conveyed things from one house to another. I just think that there’s a tiny grain of false advertising going on in their name, but also, they’re missing out on a really sweet business opportunity. Like, imagine what it would be like to hand over control of the whole entire process to your property conveyancer. Melbourne movers, don’t act like it would be convenient to sign some forms and then they convey your entire life before your eyes.

No packing, no getting on the phone to a thousand companies telling them that you’re moving, no losing stuff in the move and having to get a new fridge that doesn’t fit the space: they take care of all of it. You basically sit there watching TV while it all moves around you. Then they pick you up, along with your sofa, keeping the TV on via a portable generator, and put you in the truck. Then you’re unloaded at the end of the trip, they carry you into your house with all the utilities connected, lay you down, and leave. Then you get up and go to the fridge for a snack, because literally everything is there.

Yeah, that’d be cool. Look, next time we have a meeting with the conveyancers, I’m going to ask about this. No doubt they have some sort of rule that says that sort of thing is not okay, because legal reasons. I respect that, and I’m not blaming conveyances; I mean, they have to deal with vendors statements, Melbourne bureaucracy and god knows what else. Maybe they know that most people won’t go for this sort of thing, and that’s fine, sure. But I would.

Just saying. I could revolutionise the entire moving industry by making it accessible to very lazy people. Convey your entire life from one place to another, with one simple signature!

Gosh, moving is hassle.