Off to the Show

Oh wow, I didn’t think they still had those big car shows! Golly-gee-gadzooks, that’s amazing!

You know, I was raised in quite a traditional way, which is why I feel out of my time with other young folks sometimes. It’s not just using different words; it’s my ideas (that I’m trying to change) and my general opinion that children should be used as cheap labour until they’re old enough to be kicked out of the house, which I suppose is less of a deep-seated ideal and more just the only childhood I know.

Um, so… yes, cars! Apparently a bunch of car mechanics Bendigo knows and loves are coming together to support the venture, because there used to be a car show there years ago and they discontinued it because of the Gasket Incident of 1951. The townsfolk of Bendigo seem to have recovered from the trauma, they’re holding a big show for classic, contemporary and futuristic cars alike. Of course, having done a lot of work on cars, I’ve developed a bit of a taste for them. I still get into my car every day to go to work and have this urge to check the back. You know, in case I missed any stains from Mother and Father’s nightly vigilante work. Nowadays my car is only used for work and pleasure, and it sits in the garage at night not gathering any stains or grime that must be cleared to maintain an ordinary, childless suburban existence. In fact, I have seat covers so that it’s even easier to clean!

Anyway, yeah, car show. Mechanics, and all that. It’ll be a good opportunity to learn more about where cars are going in the future, maybe find out about some good car service centres. Bendigo being situated where it is, you can’t have too many car servicing options, that’s what I always say. What if you break down somewhere odd? Or your parents accidentally total their car in a high-speed police chase and they need an extra set of wheels pronto? Anything could happen.