Saturn Transit Alert

Getting a fresh new look is easier said than done. I’m on a mission to make it happen after seeing my life coach on the weekend. She told me that the current square between my natal Saturn and Uranus, conjunct the current new moon, is pushing me in two opposing directions: holding onto the past for dear life, and stepping through the portal into the next iteration of my soul’s path. The way forward, she said, is to acclimatise to this cosmic weather by taking strong, positive action in less consequential areas of my life.

That’s why I’m treating myself to a makeover. I wouldn’t normally be bothered with dropping cash on this type of thing, but hey – I need to get through that portal. I’m tired of this flip-flopping between life stages routine, and I’ll take any advice I can get on the matter. That’s how I’ve come to find myself having an ombre colour job at, by my standards, an unusually upmarket hair salon. South Melbourne is not at all my regular stomping ground, all the better to get out of my comfort zone while going about this important rite of self-development.

Why do I say that this is all easier said than done? Well, I’m realising that part of me is determined to hold onto the ‘old me’ at all costs, just as my astrologer said. This is true, it seems, even when it comes to relatively minor matters like getting a new haircut – I mean, I totally baulked at my stylist’s suggestion that  I try for a pixie cut. To his credit, he was very understanding. He just gave me a trim and showed me how to apply some new hair gel from Aveda. Hairdressers: aren’t they just god’s gift to the world?

Still, I didn’t even feel comfortable going above the shoulders. I need to ask myself what it is that I’m holding onto, other than the length of my tresses. How on earth am I going to step through this portal, at this rate?