Traffic, for Freedom

Well, all my friends are buying houses. As a discerning person, the only thing left to do is buy a home as well…um, somehow. You’d think working full-time and also being involved in five intensive hexagon marketing schemes as a consultant would mean I was filthy rich by now, but it hasn’t happened yet. And that’s weird, because all the consultants for Hellion Heels for Honeys are posting stuff like ‘I quit my job and now I’m making $4562.76 a month, #BLESSED!’ on Visage-Tome. I guess it’s only a matter of time!

Speaking of Visage-Tome, there’s been a whole lot of chatter about traffic management plans. Companies near Melbourne, all posting numerous updates on the subject of why they need to be respected when new roads are being planned. I didn’t know what anyone was talking about, but I did see that there was going to be a huge protest outside of the town hall, so I was so there. Protests are the ultimate bandwagon, albeit one that’s sometimes for a really good cause. Whatever this traffic management plan thing was, whether it was a good cause or not, I could resist going along and being part of something. So there I was outside the town hall, lots of people were holding signs, and I was just sort of trying to integrate. “Manage the traffic!” I yelled, valiantly. “Give us the traffic management planning that we deserve, as a downtrodden people!” I would sometimes add. It sounded pretty good, given what I was able to vibe from the crowd. Eventually someone in a suit came out, we jeered at him for some reason, but then he gave a speech on why the city of Melbourne truly needs car park design and traffic management, and why more of the city funds would be invested in this problem. For a moment, no one said anything, so I was totally lost. Then everyone started cheering. Victory for us, and..the cause!

Looks like we’ll be able to get the best car park design consultants on the job. And they will…do something.

This is a victory for the people, I know that much.