rtpiece began in 2008 as the personal project of collector Daryn Pilber, who sought a worthy container for his growing inventory of digital and cross-disciplinary artworks. In doing this, there arose the question of how to exhibit these works, many of which require specialised knowledge or hardware for display. Teaming up with niche design firm Brittle Helicopter, Pilbur succeeded in creating a custom environment for his collection.

Although originally intended for personal use, the space soon became host to regular exhibitions and artist panels, which proved popular with Daryn’s circle of art collectors, critics and researchers. In 2016, it caught the eye of curator and fine art investor Nadine Templestein, who saw the potential of the gallery as an avenue to exhibit and sell innovative work outside of the traditional art market. In 2018, she took the managerial reigns and opened Artpiece Gallery to a select client list.


Situated on Pilbur’s expansive family property in the countryside east of Melbourne, the gallery has become established as a destination for local and visiting collectors and artists alike.