A silly snap

Has anyone here ever broken any of their teeth? Well, my brother has and it has turned into a whole argument within my family. Nine months ago my twin brother and I were celebrating our birthday at a bar. He had a bit too much to drink and decided to be a bit of a show-off by doing a backflip off some stairs. If there’s one thing he knows how to do it’s a mighty backflip. He’s currently training to be a stuntman for film and TV. The only downside to this is that he’s developed a huge ego to come with it. That was until his backflip went wrong and he face planted the bottom of the stairs, chipping his front tooth. Our parents were livid when they saw us the next morning. Apparently, it should’ve been my responsibility to stop him from being so stupid. My parents have been telling him to visit the family dental clinic. Bayside can get quite busy so my brother has been slack with making an appointment. 

Now nine months have passed and he still hasn’t made an appointment. My mum keeps hounding him to book in to fix his teeth as he’s making it look like that our family is too broke to afford the repair. Ever since she said this it’s as if he is keeping his tooth chipped on purpose because it makes him look edgy and different. This quirk has given him a few casting opportunities too! I can’t believe his luck. What are the chances of there being so many films that suddenly need a character with half a tooth? No doubt his luck will run out soon, and once it does he’ll be running to book a cosmetic dentistry appointment in Cheltenham. He likes to joke and say that I’m vain, but really he is the vain one in the family. He spends three hours a day at the gym. Granted it is necessary to be in perfect shape to be a stuntman, but I just know there’s a part of him that does it for pure vanity.