Becoming modern

Earlier this year I retired from work and received a lovely little payout as part of my retirement. I was so excited to finally end the daily struggle of the nine to five lifestyle and replace it with a daily sleep-in and lounge on my couch. After decades in the workforce, you really do appreciate taking the time to do absolutely nothing. For the first couple of months that is exactly what I did. I would wake up and do nothing. Maybe I’d go for a walk, maybe I wouldn’t. Maybe I’d sort out my photo album, maybe I’d procrastinate. Being retired meant I had the freedom to do what I want, when I want – but I also had the flexibility to put things off to a later date too if I was feeling lazy. Then I hit four months into retirement and the itch of boredom kicked in. Among my hours of couch sitting and staring at the living room wall, I realised that now was a good time to give the house a makeover. Our interiors were looking quite dated, and I was keen to have a project. My wife agreed that some renovations would be a good idea. I contacted an interior painter in the Melbourne CBD. Melbourne is home to many trendy and modern looking homes, so I had attended an open auction to gain some inspiration.

It might sound weird that I was attending auctions when I wasn’t even looking to buy a property, but I found that looking at different houses not only gave me something to do each day but it also gave me insight as to what’s trending. I’ve noticed that houses no longer favour coloured walls or wallpapered designs, and are instead opting for neutral colours. I’ve made a booking with the best local painters near me to come by to give the house a quote. I’m really looking forward to giving this home a facelift. I feel as if it’s been neglected for decades as we’ve been distracted by life and the raising of children. It’s an exciting time for sure!