Breakfast Mural

I’m the biggest fan of breakfast. I love everything about it and frankly, it’s the reason I get up in the morning. There’s just something about avocado and eggs on toast that hits differently. Even cereal is awesome, I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, because it suits any occasion. 

To celebrate breakfast and give it the recognition it deserves, I’ve decided to hire a painter to paint a mural at the local shops. I’ve spoken to the shop owners, and seeing as most of them are cafes that sell breakfast, they are all more than happy to have the mural painted. The Melbourne based house painter that I’ve hired has done plenty of mural artwork that I really like, which is why I chose her.

She’s going to paint a massive big breakfast on the side of the wall that is most visible to passing-by traffic. Every café in the area is able to request one food that they want in the mural and the name of their business will be artistically hidden in the food of their choice. I am funding the project under the agreement that I will get half price off the big breakfast at any café for the next three years. I am going to have so many big breakfasts that I’ll pretty much be making money from this project. 

The local painting contractor that I hired is seriously awesome. She has drawn so many potential mockups for the mural that incorporate everyone’s food choices. She said that I can show them to all the café owners and they can vote for their favourite. She also said that I can keep all the mockups to hang in my room, which is just the best because I love art and I LOVE breakfast. 

I can’t wait to update you all on what the mural looks like once it has been complete. It’s going to be incredible!