Broken Down Car

Yesterday was a crazy day. I’m not going to say it was a bad day, because a lot of good things happened, but a large part of my day was disrupted for a significant amount of time. The football team I barrack for was playing a pre-season practice match at their home ground in Moorabbin, which I was going to attend. During the regular season I like to arrive at the games pretty early, as I’m super keen to soak up as much atmosphere as possible. For the practice matches however, I’ve been arriving just before the first bounce, because not much happens pregame. 

I learnt a valuable lesson yesterday, and that is to always give yourself extra travel time in case something goes wrong. I was about a fifteen minute drive from the football oval when my car broke down. It completely stopped in the middle of a busy highway so I had no choice but to call the local auto electrician. A couple of guys that were also driving to the game pulled over and helped me push my car to the side of the road, and I waited there for the electrician to arrive. It wasn’t the best time to be calling someone, it was 3:00pm on a Sunday afternoon, but the auto electrician arrived with a smile on his face and tools in his hand. 

He was a seriously impressive mechanic. Moorabbin oval, where my team’s training ground is located, was the only place I wanted to be whilst I was getting my car serviced. It turned out that my car couldn’t be fixed roadside and that it would take a couple of days to fix, so the legend towed my car and drove me to the football ground so I could catch the last half of the game. Even though it was annoying that I missed the first half, I was lucky I called up such a good bloke. I was even luckier that I was able to watch my team win the dying seconds of the final quarter.