Car Breakdown Woes

I don’t know if those of you reading this have ever had a toddler, but if you do I’m guessing you know what it’s like to be at your wits end. I feel like I’m pulling my hair out. She is my favourite person in the entire world and I love her endlessly, but if I have to hear one more song in one more cartoon, or experience one more tantrum about the fact that we don’t have any milk, I’m going to break. 

She learnt to walk properly about six months ago and has been impossible to catch ever since. Yesterday when I was working from home, I saw her run down my hallway in my peripheral vision and my heart sunk. Where is she going? I went after her and she was at the fridge, screaming that we don’t have any milk. Ten minutes into her tantrum and I just wanted her to stop, so I picked her up, put her in her booster seat and attempted to drive to the shops. Of course, when I’m in a rush and technically still working, my car doesn’t start.

I had to call someone for a car service. Around Adelaide, there are some incredibly compassionate mechanics, and thankfully she agreed to come to my home so that I could continue working as best as I could with a screaming toddler in the background. 

I was lucky that the mechanic turned up pretty quickly, probably because she heard the desperation in my voice, and she found the source of the problem. I needed a wheel alignment service, on top of quite a few other things and I gave her the go ahead to take the car to the shop and get it sorted. I didn’t have time to check into anything too much. I just needed to put my head down and do my work, and get my daughter milk as soon as possible. I ended up getting milk for my daughter at the end of the day, and she didn’t even drink any of it. Classic toddlers.