Car Enthusiast

I cannot stress enough about how much I love cars. 

Everything about them. The sleek paint finish. The leather seats. The flawless transition of its gears. For as long as I can remember, I have been dreaming about cars. Stuff like how I’d feel when I finally drove one, which type of car would be my first, which features I would add on. Everything. I love them. I can’t help but refer to my car as my baby, because…well, it is. 

If only I knew the first thing about their mechanics. 

The mechanics of a car are without a doubt, outside my area of expertise. I appreciate and love them, however I couldn’t work on one to save my life. It might seem weird that I never went out and acquired the skills needed to keep my car running smoothly, especially seeing as anyone who knows me, knows that cars are one of the only things I care about.

But I am an artist. Not a car specialist.

I could draw you your dream car within the hour. Work on your dream car though? I think it’s best you send that off to the professionals. I always get my car serviced by a Midvale mechanic. Not much worries me, but my car suddenly not working definitely does. Sometimes I think about what would happen if specific parts of my car stopped working. How would my poor baby feel if all of a sudden there was a fault in the clutch or brakes. Midland and nearby car services haven’t allowed this to happen – thankfully. But it’s always a possibility. That’s why I always get my baby checked out. 

Being an artist is difficult, and with my car as my escape, it has to be ready to go at all times. Seriously, I wait for the day I join a project aimed at designing a new one.