Caught On Film

How was I to know that the office had installed a security camera? If I had known, I’d 100% have found somewhere else to sleep. Rent avoidance is a good lifestyle if you can get it, but not so good that I’d be willing to put my dignity on the line for it. But, you know, stuff happens.

It’s not like I was doing anything embarrassing or controversial, beyond sleeping under my desk. I’ve been staying back late, pretending I’m working on an extra curricular project, and then rolling out my sleeping bag once everyone’s left. The only problem with it is that the toilets get locked when everyone else leaves the premises, so I have to either hold on or resort to using a waste paper bin.

That’s neither here nor there, though. What actually got me busted was my improvised window tinting. I just wanted to adapt the space a tiny bit, so that the incoming morning rays wouldn’t pierce my skull so intensely. I simply taped over the window with semi-transparent packing tape. Somehow, this went under the radar, and I was feeling pretty smug about my DIY skills – actually, I was even imagining setting a sideline office tinting business. Melbourne offices would be lining up at my door! Or, at least, at my desk. There’s plenty of packing tape in the storeroom.

Anyway, someone from the security company eventually inquired about who did our commercial decorative window glass. No one knew what he was on about, myself included, as we didn’t have anything of the sort. Finally he pointed it out to my boss on the security footage, which showed me sticking up the tape before shuffling under the desk for a snooze.

If it wasn’t for my DIY tinting escapade, I wouldn’t have been found out (evidently, the security company isn’t very good at their job). At least the waste paper bins weren’t involved.