Dinner Disturbed

When my parents said they wanted me over for dinner, I didn’t expect to spend the whole night standing over the sink. Thankfully, it wasn’t the kind of sink watching that involves retching up the dinner you just ate, but it still didn’t make for the most interesting night. 

We were supposed to be watching the new Marble television show together and then playing some board games like ‘Trillionaire’ and ‘You Don’t Know’ with the kids. Instead, I was trying to find an emergency number for someone who can fix blocked drains around Brighton. What fun!

I should have known we were in for a bad night when the missus spent an hour before we left complaining that her hair had gone horribly wrong, although she looked fine to me. Then on the way out the car started making funny noises. I reckon we only just got to my folks’ house without a breakdown, both emotionally and mechanically. Then mum burnt the roast; I don’t know how that’s even possible, considering you’d probably have to leave it in an extra hour. Somehow we scraped through dinner without any further issues, even if it did turn out we were having charcoal chicken. But of course, no dinner with the family is complete without a drain issue. Apparently the sink had been draining slowly for a while, but tonight it hit its breaking point.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a sink so clogged. I just hope the issue isn’t too deep in the pipes, otherwise, we might need to get a plumber that does drain camera inspection. Somehow I’m the one that has to get this sorted, even though mum and dad should have got it fixed ages ago. How many plumbers do you reckon are open at this time of night? But they won’t let me go until it’s sorted. And to be honest, I’m not sure we can go anyway, given the car issues. Oh, isn’t dinner with the folks just the greatest?