Eye Care Specialist

I’m really starting to value the importance of seeing the correct doctor for the correct condition. My parents were always very lazy with taking me to the appropriate doctor. Specialists were always an absolute no-no. I’ve adopted a very different approach for my children. I’ll give my children everything they need to ensure they get proper care. For example, my daughter was having trouble seeing things clearly. She expressed that she had been seeing double for a long time. Unfortunately, it took her many months to confess this to me, as she thought it was normal. At first, I struggled to understand why she didn’t tell me sooner but eventually it dawned on me that she didn’t know any better. If she had gone all her early years seeing double, how was she meant to know that was an issue?

As my daughter will be starting school in a year, I’d like to be proactive and organise corrective measures for her vision. I don’t want to wait for her to start school and then realise she needs glasses. At least if I get her wearing glasses before she starts school, she will already be comfortable wearing them and she won’t need to juggle too much change in her life.

I’ve decided to book a paediatric optometrist near me for my daughter’s eye test. A big reason for this is that I believe a paediatric optometrist will be patient when it comes to testing her. I often find that doctors who aren’t specialists in working with children tend to lack a certain level of patience. I’ve heard great things about this optometrist, however. 


I thought I’d share an update with you about my daughter’s eye test. Bentleigh has so many optometrists, but I definitely picked the best of the best. The optometrist was so kind and patient with my daughter. The whole thing was actually a very pleasant experience. It turns out my daughter does need glasses. She found an adorable pink pair that she loves. Now to get her used to wearing them!