Great Management System

Work is so stressful at the moment. I’ve been running this job in the north of Melbourne for about six months now, and it’s way behind schedule. I don’t think it’s my fault, but it’s hard to know for sure because we don’t have any way to check these things. I let my bosses know a couple of weeks ago that I don’t think it’ll be done in time for Christmas which is the deadline, and they told me to just keep chipping away at it because it’ll be fine. Well, there’s three and a half working days left before the holidays and I can safely say that the job isn’t going to get done. 

I checked our specialised trade job management software for electricians last night and I was pleased to see that my boss had scheduled half of our company onto this worksite today to help me get the job done. Stuff like this never happens. Usually, we’re working by ourselves all over the city, but I think my bosses have finally realised that this is way too big a job for one person to complete in three working days. 

Even with them scheduling all these extra hands onto the site, I’m still really stressed. Don’t get me wrong, knowing that I had all this extra help last night did help me sleep better than I would have. To be fair I didn’t sleep much, but I definitely slept better than if I had been worrying that I’d be the only one on the job trying to get everything done.

I’m really glad that my bosses use the best job management software for tradesmen. Melbourne tradies just have so many jobs to go to every day due to the sheer size of the city, and it would be way too hard to coordinate all the jobs without some sort of system. It’s hard enough as it is to coordinate jobs, if you can’t tell by my stress.