Inadequate Bathrooms

Ever since I was little, I’ve been excited to move out of home and start my new life. I’m freshly twenty-five and I’ve just bought a home with three of my best friends. We will be living as housemates for at least the next five years and have agreed to reassess our housing arrangements then. We may decide to sell the house and split the profits, or continue living together until we are ready to commence the next stage of our lives. For now our decisions will be related to the house and our first order of business is to discuss the bathroom renovations our house desperately needs.

Initially when we were searching for a house to buy, having two functional bathrooms was a very high priority on our list. I was extremely surprised at the lack of quality bathrooms in the houses we looked at, which was disappointing because I thought we had quite a decent price range. After many discussions we decided to prioritise location and open plan living areas, rather than bathrooms. We agreed that bathrooms are still a priority, and that we would allocate money in the future to spend on bathroom designers. Melbourne is a really great place for young people to live, and we are right in the hub of the atmosphere, which is fantastic. 

It is quite disappointing that we have to spend additional funds on redesigning and renovating our bathrooms, but we are all aware that this is an investment that will favour us in the long run. It’ll also favour us in the short term, because imagine not having a bathroom with enough space and proper lighting for all of us to get ready in. It would be a disaster.

My friends and I will be moving in next month, and I am so incredibly excited. We’ve worked hard for this and all deserve to start our new lives with our best friends by our side. Here we go!