Just Spooky Business

What did I say?

We were in human class, having a wonderful lesson about the human hierarchy, how to refer to those of a different social standing to you and why you should never add your boss on social media. I innocently added a comment that I, as a spooky skeleton, think have a great deal of social respect for a person’s level of resistance to spooky mischief. And everyone became very angry! Araxion tipped over his desk and said that I was an impossible classmate. So rude.

They’re obviously jealous. I did a marvellous report on short business courses, which I gleaned from my careful observation, shrouded as I as in my hat and trenchcoat. None of the people in the business course noticed me as I carefully infiltrated their course and learned a little bit myself. There was a lady at the back who picked her nose the entire time, and another fellow slept through the second module on proper sales technique. 

Anyway, I wrote a report about the whole thing, because that was our homework. And yes, I MIGHT have written it specifically from the perspective of a spooky skeleton, because that is what I am. I write about what I know, which in this case happens to be tricks and pranks and spooking, because I’m a… well, you know. Being a spooky skeleton is all I’ve got, so I talk about it a lot. Maybe I need to go to another course – a sales management course, perhaps – and write it from a human perspective? That may give me extra credit.

It just seems like people are taking an issue with me bringing up the skeleton thing all the time. I was up the front of the class, reading my report, and Blartax was shifting in his seat. I thought he disliked the idea of sitting still for a management and business course for that long, but maybe he was actually taking issue with my presentation style.