More Cars, More!

Honestly, I think that British show about baking had another season left in it. It might have been a blatant and egregious rip-off of The Great Australian Trade-Off, and sort of doomed to fail from the start because no one is interested in baking nowadays (let alone an entire hour of just watching people bake), but I found it relaxing.

The baking, that is. The way they chose the most volatile, angry and cantankerous contestants and stuck them in a hot tent to battle it out does led to some spats. Sometimes they have spats with spatulas. Spatula spats. One guy was wearing spats, so it was a spatula spat in spats. Dough flying all over the place.

I want a car-themed show! I thought of this the other day while getting a transmission service. Mechanics, Northcote ones at least, make the whole thing seem so interesting. I’ve historically not been super into cars and tyre repairs and all of that. Then again, I was barely into any DIY at all until GATO, and that show started a massive DIY revolution across the entire country. 

We need a spin-off that deals exclusively with cars, because then I may be motivated to get off my butt and look into a few car repair things of my own. I’m always calling the mechanics in when I can’t do something with the car, and it’s usually something really silly and easy to fix. Like that time I left the car in ‘drive’ so it wouldn’t start. Two seconds that took to fix. I bet they could get an entire week out of that premise on some sort of car-slash-mechanic-themed DIY show, with contestants in a big tent with quirky hosts, carrying out some kind of challenge.

They’d be amateurs, of course, because the car mechanics near Brunswick, and probably everywhere else in Melbourne, would just be a little too good.

They’d be amateurs with some skill, though. They’re not about to shove me into that tent.