Muay Thai Opponents

Wow! That is some of the best Muay Thai boxing I’ve ever seen. Welcome back, everyone. I’m Kath and I’m with my less experienced co-host Nath for Brisbane’s Muay Thai Boxing Competition. This annual competition is now in full swing, and boy is it a doozy.

Thanks for that kind introduction, Kath. You are right though, this competition is fantastic. The fastest knockout so far has been fifteen seconds, which is even better than last year’s winner. Will someone knock their opponent out quicker and take Eugine’s spot in the championship round? Watch to find out.

Look, I’d be surprised to see anyone knock their opponent out quicker than Eugine. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this to you yet, Nath, but I’m a Khan 8 level Muay Thai competitor, and I’ve never knocked anyone out that fast. That seems impossible to beat, even for someone who has taken professional MMA classes their entire life.

Yeah, you may have mentioned it once or twice, Kath. One thing I’ve really gotten out of today is that you love yourself. You probably think that you should be out there on the ring instead of the competitors. 

You know what, Nath, I do think that. If this competition was around when I was in my prime, I definitely would have won. But I’m quite content commentating on this competition instead. I won my fair share of tournaments and trophies a few years back. I have photos if you’d like to see them, Nath?

Ah, I wouldn’t actually like to see them. I’d like to watch the crazy competition unfolding right before our eyes. I hope that the audience is following along alright at the moment, we haven’t mentioned what’s going on this whole segment.

It’s alright, I’m sure the audience members who are truly interested in the competition would be in the crowd at the boxing gym near Brisbane. It’s great we can have live crowds again. The people watching on TV most likely just have us on in the background whilst they party with their friends and bet on the fights. Please remember to gamble responsibly.