New Sage

I’ve got to have that sage-coloured joinery. And when I say I’ve got to have it, I mean I’ve got to have it. It will be the foundation of the whole office reboot, with everything else emerging structurally, visually and conceptually from that basis. Anita says I’m getting too caught up in it, and that it’s bound to be a flash-in-the-pan thing, but I don’t care. It feels like the destiny of this company, I tell you. 

Sure, it’s a slightly weird place to start from in building an office interior design, Melbourne being a place where people tend to enjoy complex mood boards.  The simple notion of joinery in a particular colour, by contrast, seems a little simplistic as a source of inspiration. But hey – it’s not for me to dictate the form in which my muse will appear. That would defeat the point.

At least it’ll make it easy when it comes to the office interior fitout. Melbourne businesses like to agonise over their colour scheme, wondering if it’s sufficiently on-brand or complements the shades of the skyline at dusk. In this case, the colour in question will be informing the brand’s creative direction, so there’s no need for concern in terms of visual continuity. If anything, the biggest concern is not being able to source the right paint colour, but surely commercial joiners can mix colours to get the specific shade I’m envisaging. 

How did I come upon this idea in the first place, you ask? It’s a good story, actually. This leaf floated onto my desk the other day – a single gum leaf. It was very strange, because to my knowledge there are no gum trees outside our building, and the window wasn’t even open. Where did it come from? Perhaps it was somehow caught in the overhead air conditioning vent, or perhaps it manifested in my reality for the express purpose of sending me a message.

In any case, it spoke clearly and poetically: get sage-green joinery for the office.