No ragrets

Have you seen that image online where the guy had the chest tattoo that was meant to say ‘No Regrets’ but instead said ‘No Ragrets?’ Well, I thought it would be super clever to get that tattooed on me, intentionally as a ‘No Ragrets’ tattoo that I do not regret. One year on and I am totally full of a lot of regret. For starters, I’m really struggling to meet girls because of it. I’ll meet a girl and things will be going great but then a few dates in I might wear a certain type of shirt and she’ll notice it. Instantly they’re repulsed. At first, I thought these ladies just didn’t gel with me for whatever reason, until one of them eventually informed me that while they thought I was a nice guy they just really hated the idea of going out with someone who has a ‘No Ragrets’ tattoo. Eventually, I started also becoming the butt of all my friend’s jokes. These incidents became obvious to me that I needed to get a cover up tattoo.

I’m still yet to decide what shall cover this chest piece, I’m quite open to the idea of giving the artist total freedom to create something cool and a lot less embarrassing. In the meantime, I have been browsing various tattoo artists online. In the process of looking for tattoo artists, I have found Brisbane’s most popular tattoo shop and have been spending a few days looking at some of their artists’ best works. I actually have a friend who recently got an entire leg tattoo done at this shop and they’re extremely happy with the job that was done. Plus, from what I’ve seen of the tattoo, it has turned out great. I’m actually really excited to get this process started and to have a tattoo that is less stupid and that I no longer have to hide.