Non-Existent Car Air Conditioning

I’ve lived in Tassie my whole life and I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve been genuinely too hot. It’s not generally very hot down here at all, which I love because I really do not like the heat. The air con in my car hasn’t worked since I bought it second hand five years ago, but that’s never mattered because I have no use for it anyway. Well, this week I’ve absolutely had a need for my non-existent car air conditioning. Hobart has been boiling hot for a week and I can feel myself literally melting. This weather is not natural. There’s no way Hobart should be above 35 degrees for seven days straight. It’s the Armageddon, it has to be. 

I won’t be able to survive for much longer if I don’t get my air con fixed. I’m actually sitting inside my air conditioned house right now (which I don’t think we’ve ever used) and staring at my car, dreading having to get in it to drive to university in twenty minutes. I think I might actually skip uni today and book my car into for an auto electrics service. Hobart couldn’t possibly stay this hot for much longer, but I’m not taking the risk of being stuck in the relentless heat ever again. 

This just proves to me that I couldn’t possibly live anywhere other than Tasmania. It’s such a beautiful state, and the temperature is always so nice. I love nothing more than turning the heater up really high when driving or rugging up and sitting in the backyard with a fire on the weekend. These are things you just can’t do in places like Western Australia or even Victoria for half of the year. Tasmania is definitely where I belong. Now, can it just get cooler again so I can actually go outside? I’ve had enough of living like the people in other parts of Australia for at least a decade.