Podiatry, or Movie?

Well, there you have it. Revengers: Edamame, the grand finale to this very long chapter of the Marble Symptomatic Omniverse, in which all the characters come together to save the soybean industry from the Da’Nose, a giant sentient nose who wants to wipe out half of all soybean products to clear the market to make way for his inferior product: Edamame Vitasnack Organic Plus.

It’s just dried edamame sold in a bag full of mostly air and falsely marketed as some sort of protein-packed energy food. How evil.

Anyway, it takes my mind off of my almost-crippling case of athlete’s foot. I was supposed to go and see a foot specialist near Cheltenham about it a couple of months ago, but you know how it can be with procrastination. You wait a bit, you wait some more, your foot problem becomes far worse, but by then you’ve sunk into an uncomfortable cycle of just doing a whole ton of waiting and there’s no turning back. I mean, there is, but booking appointments is cumbersome and not fun, so my brain just doesn’t want to do it.

I was sitting there in Edamame, on the one hand having a great time and feeling many emotions, and on the other hand, feeling like my foot was on fire and that I couldn’t go another second without someone professional taking a look at it. In hindsight, I think that detracted from the movie somewhat; the searing pain every single time I moved my foot. That may also have been the moment when I realised that it was more than simply athlete’s foot; it was probably a host of common foot conditions developing out of neglect.

That’s the magic of cinema for you: making you forget the bad stuff. Even when you probably shouldn’t.

-Tony R.