Roadworthy Certificate

Hi everyone! I’m writing this post to update you all on how my new border collie puppy is settling in! I met her for the first time three days ago and she travelled quite well in the car. It was definitely because I got the car service. Northcote to Bright is a very big drive for someone’s first time in the car, so I’m very thankful that the car ran smoothly the entire time. My new tyres felt great as well! You could hardly feel any bumps or potholes in the road and my beautiful puppy fell asleep in her cushioned basket about an hour into the drive.

She has adapted quite well to her new home. She’s still a bit skittish, but that’s to be expected. We live in quite a high-traffic area, and so she’s hearing a lot of noises that she’s never heard before. I swear some of these cars sound like they’ve never been serviced in their lives.

I’ve never noticed the sound of the traffic before, but I’m paying attention to it now. I need to know what type of noises upset my puppy, so that I can show her that everything is okay when she hears them. About an hour ago a car drove past our house and it sounded like it was about to completely breakdown. I found myself questioning whether that car even had a roadworthy certificate. That’s the first time I have ever thought that about a car. It’s funny how things change when you become a parent. I love my fur baby.

Helping her settle into her new life is going to be my job for the next few months. I’ve taken a month of long service leave so that I can be home with her and train her properly. Having this little girl in my life has been my dream for the last thirty years and I will not let anything come in between my baby and her perfect life.