Strange Assignments

I’m so sick of these uni assignments. I didn’t realise that studying the Advanced Diploma of Nothing would be so difficult. Sure, we’re not studying anything in particular, but the assignments never end. This week, our tutor told us to create our own gardens, either in a public park or our backyards. If we don’t each have three sprouting flowers by the end of the fortnight, the entire class fails! It’s nonsense and honestly sounds like the plot of a Group of Community College Students episode. But here I am, working out what flowers to buy.

Personally, I don’t know the first thing about gardening, so I’m worried that I’ll be the one to make the class fail. I’m not friends with anybody in the class either, so I can’t ask for their help. Maybe I should start my own study group just so that I can ask its members where I can buy seeds online.

I don’t even know what sorts of flowers I should be growing. It’s the middle of winter, so I doubt there’s much in season, if that’s how flowers work. Oh, I really should have gone to that Introduction to Flower Growing lecture. I thought that was never going to come up in a practical sense, so I decided to go to the movies that day instead. Maybe the film I saw can help me. I do recall a part of the movie where they planted some seeds, and it was a particularly overcast day in the scene. What were they again? Thornless roses, maybe? That sounds about right.

Okay, so I’ll find a website that sells thornless roses online, maybe one that has some good growing guides as well. Hopefully that does the trick, and I’ll be doing my part in getting the class a high distinction. I just hope that everyone else puts in the work, like I am. I don’t think the tutor was bluffing about failing us all. He seems like a pretty serious dude.