Strange Wallpaper Request

It was with great hesitation that Mav accepted the job for one hundred Elite Tokens. Within seconds, she had a new email in her inbox detailing where she was supposed to meet up with her new client. From there, she could only hope this didn’t end up with her tragically ending up at the bottom of the murky lake around New Melbourne’s docks. 

As she headed toward the south side of the city, where she would meet this mysterious person, Mav wondered if she should have considered bringing backup. But who would she bring? It wasn’t like any of the others were available.

With each step toward the meetup point, she was sure this was a mistake, and she should have just stuck with putting up some nursery wallpaper today instead. What if this was supposed to be a black market job of sorts, but it had accidentally been put on the wrong job board? Was she about to be pulled into something way beyond her capabilities?

It was too late now, though. She pushed on, more afraid of what might happen if she stood the client up than the meeting itself. It didn’t take long for her to arrive at the ramshackle building they were to meet beside, in the alleyway. A figure in a dark cloak already stood there, waiting for her.

“By the roaches,” Mav said. “Cloaks are so eighth century. Have you considered a hoodie or something instead?”

The mysterious figure said nothing, simply turning around slowly. He held a package in both hands, then passed it toward Mav. She took it hesitantly, fingers closing around the paper.

“I trust you are one of the best in the business when it comes to installing Australian botanical wallpaper. I may be in need of your services, but first, you must pass a test. Prove that you know what you are doing when it comes to decorating walls. You will find the details in that parcel. Keep it secret.”

Mav gulped, followed by a blink. By the time she opened her eyes, the stranger was gone.