Suddenly, Bali

They say that you should consider a tattoo for at least a year before you have it applied to your skin. I respect that rule, but also think that you need to work with whatever time you have, which for me was more like…um, twenty minutes? We were actually on the way to the airport, I was taking a quick look through the market to see if I could find the perfect souvenir (I was determined to skip the usual fridge magnet) and a tattoo just stood out to me. Like…what could be a better souvenir of the best holiday ever than a local tattoo?

I just don’t remember getting a Bali skyline tattooed all up the side my leg, from ankle to upper thigh. Makes sense for getting the services of a tattoo artist open in Bali, but, like…you’d think I’d remember something like that. It’d be extremely painful, for one thing, and it does sting now. I just don’t recall making the decision that I wanted that, or how long it took, or how we still managed to catch our flights. I mean…I’d post a picture, but it’s up the inside of my leg (even MORE painful) and I haven’t been able to get a photo angle that isn’t super dodgy-looking. What I’m thinking is that I was lying on the tattoo parlour table or whatever…with my leg held up in that weird position for what must have been hours, while they made this art.

And it looks good, don’t get me wrong. Perfect amalgamation of all the major sights, like the Lotus Temple, and a few little marketplaces scattered throughout. If anyone ever happens to glance at the inside of my left leg for a really long time (probably trying to figure out what all those shapes are) then I do think they’re going to be impressed. It’s just that the positioning is a little off for what I’m trying to achieve. If I had my way again, and I was at a tattoo shop in Bali, I’d probably go for…say, just the Lotus Temple? On my lower right calf, perhaps. But I’m stuck with the works now, so…