The ‘Lunar Sea’

I’m starting to maybe, sort-of, perhaps have some doubts that the moon is teeming with moon fish. Currently they’re a rather important part of our society’s sustainability, especially while we’re setting up the bio-dome that’ll grow all our food. As quartermaster I’m supposed to be keeping up with all of these things, so I did a bit of research, and…well, it just doesn’t seem like fish could survive up there. The leaders have said that they’re swimming in giant oxygen pockets, and the craters are full of them, but then why do we need to bring oxygen pods with us? And don’t fish need…water?

My visions of our Lunar Kingdom having a healthy marine welding industry, much like the stainless steel marine welding companies in Melbourne, is crumbling. I was envisioning that I’d be some kind of old-fashioned fishing master, standing at the helm of a stainless steel moon ship and coordinating a massive fishing expedition into a crater, which would bring back the bounty of the lunar ocean. But maybe if I truly want that experience, I’ll have to stick to Earth and its traditional fishing, because it sure isn’t happening up there.

Aw man…I thought those people falling away had no leg to stand on, but I’m looking at the pile of fishing rod holders I’d been so keen to test out on the moon and I’m thinking that they’ll never get used. I’ll have to leave them behind, and they’ll always just be here: a huge pile of rod holders, all shiny and fresh, sitting in a pile forever.

Truth be told, I don’t really want that. They lied about the fishing, they could be lying about other things, and to move to a place without ocean or fish? Oh, calling it the Lunar Sea doesn’t mean anything when there’s no sea! I want to take one of these rod holders and fit it to a real boat. Although, given the rocket situation, there’s a possibility that we’ll never take off anyway.

-Brother Manny