The Most Economical

There’s never been a better time to move to Antarctica, on account of the fact that my brother has just taken up playing the saxophone. Everything in life was going right, and now this. His room is right next to mine, and he apparently needs to practice for several hours a day. Ugh, who has to practice anything hours a day? No skill on Earth requires that kind of commitment.

The only escape I have at the moment is my car, which I fortunately just got my license for, but I can’t drive around aimlessly for hours on end. Do you know how expensive car maintenance is? I discovered this yesterday when I went to a brake pad replacement, Ringwood not being the place to have faulty brakes (not that anywhere is, really). Now that was a wake-up call.

So I go out for long drives, I go to see friends, and then I come home to parents nagging and my brother blasting his saxophone… so I’m out that door again. Unfortunately, that means driving, and driving means petrol and car maintenance. It also means I de-stress, especially at night, but I don’t have unlimited money. If I did, I sure wouldn’t be living here. I’d probably find myself a nice place on the Mornington Peninsula, get a car that gets high ratings from mechanics for being economical, and boom, done.

Actually, wait… if I had unlimited money, I’d probably be dreaming a little bit bigger. Maybe I’d buy a castle in Japan, if they have any spare. But I still want a car that gets decent fuel consumption, not a monster machine that’ll bother people with the roaring engine when I’m driving at night. I’m nice like that.

Maybe I’ll ask, next time I see a person for vehicle inspections. Ringwood mechanics would probably have some tips on the most economical car for escaping a nightmare family without waking up the neighbours on our local roads.