The Two Selves

Really starting to think there’s too much of a divide between my work and personal life, and my…other life. It’s not like our special martial arts classes go for an incredibly long time, or anything, and they’re only twice a week. It’s just that while I’m there, it feels like a different world entirely. Also, we’re not allowed to discuss it, so there’s that.

So weird. By day, I do architectural consulting. I was just talking to some people from the council who wanted to erect some rental apartment blocks in Camberwell. Air conditioning was their main concern, since they weren’t sure whether to go with blanket evaporative cooling or something a little more pricey, and I understand the concern. Regulations have changed recently about the mandatory heating and cooling in builds, and it could change again if they go for the ultra-cheap option, meaning they have to pay more.

That was my Tuesday, during the day. Then after work, still thinking about different options and weighing up whether I think evaporative cooling is enough for a building that large, I walked into our home and…boom. All gone. I was connecting with my inner pterodactyl, slicing through bricks with nothing but the air produced by my strikes, and it was like I’d put on a new face. Funny how that works. 

I asked Master Sun about it, and he said he understood. “The man carrying the burden of two lives will succumb to the weight before he reaches journey’s end.”

I don’t know where he gets this stuff, but it’s always helpful. And so true. I can’t be two people: I need to be Yun the helpful air conditioning advice guy, and Yun the pterodactyl warrior. I’m gonna go to work tomorrow, refreshed and ready to recommend some great companies in Melbourne who deal with air conditioning maintenance, and I’ll try my hardest to be that person when I next enter the house.

Also, yesterday I got to see Juan the hothead challenge Master Sun to single combat and get utterly annihilated in three seconds. That’s something both versions of myself enjoyed.