Timber for Ascension!

Now is the time! The blessed time of the Sun Group!

So strange that the Christmas season is associated with snow and cold, when here in Australia, it is the beginning of summer. Well…it’s technically summer here in Melbourne, but you wouldn’t think so, looking at the weather. No matter; we draw power from the sun during the winter time, as we do here. But soon, the sun will reach peak power, and there shall be a great uprising.

…right after we finish the Sun Ships. It takes, like so much DIY skill to make ship that can sail to the sun. We’ve been asking around at hardware stores near Cheltenham and Sandringham, and it’s been really difficult just explaining to people what it is we want to do. 

We want to build great Viking sailing ships out of wood and fly them into the sun, where we will use the leftover timber to start a great society. Is that so hard for people to accept? I mean, people use timber, electrical supplies and hardware every day to create such a wide variety of things. I’m not sure what’s so different. I mean, it’s just a bunch of boats, although maybe they thought it weird that, in addition to all the living and entertainment quarters, we also want each vessel to contain its own sunglasses shop. I guess that comes across as a bit weird, especially when you consider that most ships do not have a sunglasses shop. But just think about where we’re going, and it’ll make perfect sense.

Me and Sol Nadia went to pick up some electrical supplies, because we’re not stupid. We know that simple wooden boats won’t get us to the sun; we’ll need electricity, propulsion, fuel, maybe even some solar panels (eh? EH?). And I guess it’ll be a long journey, so I won’t say no to some plumbing supplies. Cheltenham seems a long way away but not like…a sun distance. That’s the furthest point in the universe! And it’s way further than those moon idiots want to go.

-Sol Diana