Volatile Canberra Climate

I’m calling it now, the climate in Canberra is the most volatile of any state or territory in Australia. This is purely from an observational standpoint, but I’d like to say my observation does have some authority as I have travelled and lived all over the country for work. I have resided in Canberra for the last year, and definitely feel like the weather is least reliable here. It could be the middle of summer and I have my heater on, or in the depths of winter and actively choosing to open my windows to let the air in. 

I am shocked every summer when I turn on my ducted heating. Canberra seriously shouldn’t be cold at that time of year. It’s even worse when I’m freezing one day and then boiling the next. My body just can’t get used to it. When I lived in Perth, I was much less impacted by 35 degree weather than I am on mild weather days here, because I was so used to the constant heat when in Perth. The consistency made it a lot easier to adjust to the climate, rather than having the heater on one day and the next day my air conditioning. Canberra is a fantastic place and I really enjoy working here, but I want to start a petition to the weather Gods to make up their minds!!

Thank God that I’m fortunate enough to have my own heating and cooling systems. I complain about the weather even though I’m able to regulate my climate pretty perfectly every time. If I wasn’t able to do this, like lots of people aren’t, I think my body would be suffering from hypothermia one day and heat stroke the next. The weather is more temperamental than my mother-in-law. Ha ha.  

Funnily enough, I actually don’t have my heating or cooling system switched on today. The weather is mild enough that, for the first time in months, I can sit here comfortably without any help from man-made machines. Surprising.