Nice View

There’s nothing quite like a room with a view, especially when you haven’t had one for yonks. The window of my last bedroom faced out onto a vista of the bins up the side of a mediocre cafe. Before that I didn’t have a window at all, being set up in a walled-off section of my mate’s garage.

Now that I think about it, I haven’t had a room with a nice view out the window since I was five, when my family moved to the suburbs. That marked my first taste of waking up to something either boring or bleak, like a beige fence.  Anyway, that’s all behind me now, and I’m going to hang some fresh new curtains to celebrate.

I can’t rave enough about the virtues of a nice set of new timber windows. Melbourne has some beautiful old houses, but sometimes their windows leave something to be desired. Like, they’re fused shut, or they won’t stay up and you have to prop them open with a plank of wood you found under the oven. These new windows have a smooth, crisp up-and-down motion, and they even lock! Amazing stuff.

The only thing is, I’m now yearning for a timber door replacement. This one’s… well, not quite at the point of hanging off its hinges, but not exactly doing its job to perfection either. It kind of grinds against the carpet, so I’ve taken to just leaving it open all the time. The problem is, I was hoping to have a bit of security in this room after my last housemate’s cousin randomly made off with my bass amp.   

For the time being, though, I’m going to avail myself of the joys of having a window overlooking the creek and the bike path. I don’t think I’m going to get over this for a while, so the door replacement might have to go on the back burner while I bask in the goodness.