On Film

When my new subletter told me that she worked in the film industry, I was expecting a few perks… like, I don’t know, tickets to movie premieres, or perhaps Jeff Goldblum’s phone number. Turns out I was quite mistaken about the nature of her work.

Not that it’s all a disappointment, though. The upside is that I’m getting mates’ rates on commercial glass tinting. Melbourne might be just about to head into winter, sure. But come summer, we’re going to be UV-protected as all get out, not to mention blissfully free of glare. It’ll lend an air of mystery to our office as well, which is something that’s hard to come by when your stock in trade is countryside day-tours for dogs.

I should probably explain the connection between window tinting and film, shouldn’t I? Well, it’s pretty simple. This tinting is done with a sort of adhesive film that sticks onto the glass. Katy really could have been more upfront about that, although I might have been less excited about letting her sublet if she’d been clearer.

Maybe the house could use some window tinting as well. I wonder if her company can do something with a bit of character, like a tinted block that turns into a pattern of planets and stars around the edges. That could be done, couldn’t it? I mean, I’m pretty sure these tinting companies usually do decorative window film. Melbourne offices love the stuff. So I don’t see why I couldn’t have some on my house.

I wonder if Katy realises that she’s going to have to pay for her stretching of the truth in the form of cheap window treatments? Actually, that’s not exactly true. Freebies are kind of just the price you pay to live in my house, no matter how temporarily. Even if she worked as an accountant and had been completely upfront about it, I’d still have weaselled a free tax appraisal out of her.