Secret Frosted Paradise

Yesterday I discovered a whole new floor at my uni. So, that’s pretty exciting, because I was convinced that it only went up to the fifth floor and then boom. I hit the wrong button, a button with a keyhole next to it that I always assumed couldn’t be pressed, and there I was on the legendary floor six, minus any actual legends.

It had everything, as well. Frosted window glass on all of the glass walls, a kitchen that’s way cleaner and nicer than the student one downstairs, and a whole room for drones. There is a drone room here, and I was not informed. I guess that’s why they needed the window glass frosting. Installation companies probably don’t ask too many questions, and it would protect people from the glorious majesty of the drone room, lest they be blinded by wonder.

More importantly, it doesn’t even look like anyone’s been here for ages, and I’ve never heard anyone talking about a secret floor full of beautifully frosted glass and drones of all shapes and sizes. I guess that means it’s not in use… currently.

Feels like I’ve just stumbled across the Cave of Wonders and now I have to decide whether to keep the treasure for myself. Hmm… okay, I’ve decided, it’s all mine. A kitchen where I don’t have to fight for a ratty microwave? A room full of drones? Heck, it seems to be the only place on the whole campus that has frosted window glass, almost like they were trying to make it as fancy as possible for purposes unknown. All the offices are totally bare, no furniture or anything, so maybe there are plans for the future.

Or we go with my working theory. This floor only exists for me, as part of a magical pocket dimension, and I can’t share it with anyone because, as I have mentioned, it only exists for me. Sorry. Even in Melbourne, custom decorative glass installation is not that common, so it must be all mine, tailored to me. The drones, custom-made for my happiness. I could tell people, but that might break the spell, and we wouldn’t want that.